008 - Flight of the Falconator

Taking the first sips of my freshly tapped 'Flight of the Falconator' Double IPA. OG was 1.069 with a malt bill of mostly pale with a touch of Munich and Carapils. This was my first experiment using hop extract for bittering and I'm quite pleased with the result. Other than the bittering addition and Cascade in hop back via Hoprocket this is all Falconer's Flight including the two dry hop additions. 

Posted on August 8, 2014 .

Just a couple new pieces...

I've been dabbling a little here and there. Here's a couple light fixtures I whipped up this week:



 ...and during my other free time have been sharpening my beer brewing skills with batches no. 1, 2 and 3 in addition to taking se beer brewing classes. 






my latest addition being a water filtration system for better quality brews. 

Posted on April 3, 2014 .

Stone Brewing 'Go To IPA'


Just released yesterday, Stone Brewing Co ingeniously brewed a true sessionable IPA bursting with hops. As soon as I heard it was on shelves, I headed out to California Heights Market for a sixer. Proper to it's design, this IPA has a low ABV of 4.5% which makes it perfect for a sessionable IPA yet still packs the hop punch of its bigger brothers. Good call, Stone Brewing! This is truly a 'go to' IPA!

Posted on March 4, 2014 .


Word on the street... NC breweries are on the move. I had heard and since it's my old stomping grounds being a UNC Wilmington alumni and technically Eastern North Carolina my hometown I was curious to find out. Enduring the pains of travel delays due to the polar vortex, after an unplanned almost two day layover in Dallas, I finally arrived in Charlotte NC on a late Thursday night.

Once I woke up I hit up Mert's Heart and Soul in downtown Charlotte for some much needed breakfast and grabbed a Lyft to NoDa. This quaint little once run down area has now been turned into the 'East Village' of Charlotte. Upon searching Yelp! for a beer shop to stock up on NC brews to fly back with me to Southern California, I found Salud Beer Shop. These guys were super helpful and gave some great recommendations on the local brews. Being just blocks from   NoDa Brewing which these guys turned me onto, its a great spot to check out. The best part, other than the fact that they have an amazing craft beer selection, is that they have a few on tap for you to sip on while you browse. If it wasn't for these guys I wouldn't have thought to check out Hop Drop and Roll from NoDa Brewing which is a great West Coast Style IPA that I'm always in favor of. If you find yourself in the Charlotte NC area, be sure to head down to NoDa and check these guys out.

Posted on February 21, 2014 .


Pink Ribbon Donuts www.pinkribbondonuts.com

Pink Ribbon Donuts


It's a known fact I'll go out of my way for good culinary finds. My buddy and I were down in Irvine yesterday for Cars & Coffee and what goes well with early mornings on the weekend? Donuts!

I learned of this new spot that just opened up off the 5 fwy in Mission Viejo, so we headed down to check it out. Lo and behold they had my favorite, blueberry! ...and they were awesome. The best part is I didn't have to wait for them. Pink Ribbon has a great selection: bagels, croissants and even Vietnamese coffee! Prices are on point, super cheap, which I didn't expect from a donut shop of this caliber. 

Needless to say I'll be back and recommend anyone looking for their donut fix to check it out. If you're not nearby, in the time that you'd be standing in line at M&M you can drive down to Mission Viejo and be back home with donuts from PRD. (just sayin')

...now doesn't this place look like it could use our lights?

...now doesn't this place look like it could use our lights?

Posted on January 26, 2014 .

Old toys


I dug up some old toys of mine a couple weeks ago. Turns out I didn't take very good care of them, with that in combination of their age they're well worn. 'Smokescreen', at least that's who I think it is, appears to have suffered a poor restoration by childhood 'me'.

I've considered selling them, but it would probably be for parts or for someone that has parts to restore. Maybe I'll start scouting out parts to restore them myself. As if I need any more projects...

Posted on January 23, 2014 .

Fresh IPA!


Fresh in more ways than one! I've been on a craft beer kick for a minute now and IPAs have just stuck with me. The fresher IPAs brewed to be enjoyed earlier versus later are trending now and for good reason. I was lucky enough to finally stumble upon some 'Pliny the Elder' not long ago which helped me realize how great big citrusy, floral fresh IPAs are. These are the beers that you don't want to save, and are definitely not meant to age like some. If you find them, you drink them. ASAP.

About a week or so ago, my local beer store (which has an amazing selection) received their first shipment of Stone 'Enjoy by 2.14.14'. Very much like Pliny, amazing big crisp citrusy and floral notes. Definitely a contender and I can't decide which I like better now. If you happen to come across this beer, it's a must try. I'm sold on it. By far the best from @Stonebrewingco that I've had thus far.

For more info on their 'Enjoy by IPA', peep their site: Stone Brewing Co - 'Enjoy By'

Also, check out the ratings on Beer Advocate. Speaks for itself.

-Justin N.

Posted on January 14, 2014 .

Hellaflush Dice Valve Stem Caps


Peeped these online not long ago, so on the way home from the office I made a pitstop at Illest OC to pick a pair of these up for my 1962 Monark 3-speed restoration. I'd love a set for BMW #ProjectKatniss but seeing how she's riding on OE wheels still, they just don't go yet. Once I pick up new wheels, I'll be doing another set.

If you're looking for a set for your whip or a pair for your bike, Illest is stocking these in their stores and they're available online: 

Hella Flush Dice Valve Stem Caps - Black


Posted on January 3, 2014 .

Happy New Year!

Another great year has passed and onto the next. Great things are in the horizon for 2014, I'm excited to see the growth of the company and what's next. Happy New Year! -Justin N.

Another great year has passed and onto the next. Great things are in the horizon for 2014, I'm excited to see the growth of the company and what's next.

Happy New Year!

-Justin N.

Posted on January 1, 2014 .

Under the Palms

I've always had a deep appreciation for the homies with passion for their hobbies. I've been lucky enough to meet and be a part of the lives of some really creative people over the years. That being said, I've decided to showcase some of these through my blog on a regular basis.

Although I'm not a sneaker head, I can truly relate with the hobby and homie Billy is all about that life. He created a site dedicated to Vans and the finds that come to fruition through the 'hunt'.  We can all relate with that! Originally known as OTWS or 'Off The Wall' site it is now 'Under the Palms' www.underthepalmleaves.com. Peep it!

Stay tuned for the next!


Posted on December 30, 2013 .

Barn pulley light


vintage picked barn pulley + red rayon twisted cord + matte black socket 

vintage picked barn pulley + red rayon twisted cord + matte black socket 

Here's a piece I've had for a little while that I just got the inspiration to finish. It'll be listed in our 'repurposed lighting' section shortly for $150 plus shipping but if you're interested in purchasing in the meantime you can email me directly at justinn@cardinalvintage.com


-Justin N

Posted on December 29, 2013 .

Goodwill ...err Hot Wheels Hunting

So it happened. I started picking up a few Hot Wheels for nostalgic reasons then ended up checking every retail spot nearby any time I had free time. Lucked out and came up on a 'B' case unopened and that just fueled the fire. So, here we are officially 'collecting' and you can now purchase some of my finds in our Bounties of the Hunt section.

On rare occasions, I will be up for a trade but only for super rare cars that I'm seeking for my personal collection. You can also follow us on instagram where I typically feature highlights of finds @cardinalvintage. Although, I tend to post random pics as well that clearly have nothing to do with Hot Wheels.


-Justin N.

Posted on December 27, 2013 .