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Fresh IPA!


Fresh in more ways than one! I've been on a craft beer kick for a minute now and IPAs have just stuck with me. The fresher IPAs brewed to be enjoyed earlier versus later are trending now and for good reason. I was lucky enough to finally stumble upon some 'Pliny the Elder' not long ago which helped me realize how great big citrusy, floral fresh IPAs are. These are the beers that you don't want to save, and are definitely not meant to age like some. If you find them, you drink them. ASAP.

About a week or so ago, my local beer store (which has an amazing selection) received their first shipment of Stone 'Enjoy by 2.14.14'. Very much like Pliny, amazing big crisp citrusy and floral notes. Definitely a contender and I can't decide which I like better now. If you happen to come across this beer, it's a must try. I'm sold on it. By far the best from @Stonebrewingco that I've had thus far.

For more info on their 'Enjoy by IPA', peep their site: Stone Brewing Co - 'Enjoy By'

Also, check out the ratings on Beer Advocate. Speaks for itself.

-Justin N.

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