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Fresh scents for Fresh kicks

The funny thing is, this brought me back to my Jr High School days when my parents finally gave in to my pleads for fresh new ~$100 Nikes. Bo Jackson Air Trainer SC, Air Trainer SC II, Agassi Air Tech Challenge II... I'll never forget those first few "expensive" Nikes I rocked back then. I did everything I could to keep them clean and touch up the white soles to keep them nice and fresh.

That said, one of the issues I thought about back then and even more so today is keeping the funk out of the inside. Luckily, Kent Chen who I met years ago back when I was working in the automotive industry clued me in on a dope new product he was working on. Solscience Antidot, a fresh new fragrance made just for sneakers. Either to freshen up your current stock or those used kicks you just picked up. Check it out!

solscience Antidot

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