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Up in the Air

I say it all the time, yet I rarely follow through and do something about it. I need to write more. If anything, to utilize as an outlet to vent random thoughts and perhaps listen to myself when I reread and edit (which I don’t do nearly as much as I should either). To me, editing or reading over what I’ve written is much like how some people feel about hearing their own voice in a recording. However when I do write, I realize how much I enjoy it. For anyone who knows me, I like to talk. It’s one of my “things”. Whether I’m making complete sense or not, I enjoy it. So you’d think I’d write more.

One of other favorite pastimes is reminiscing. When I am actually writing, I do a lot of just that. Sitting at approximately 40,000 ft in the air, I just took off from LAX en route to Seattle for work meetings. Often I flash back to other times I’ve been on a plane when I’m flying and the various emotions flood my brain. Flying has always been an exciting thing for me and I’m one of the fewer people who actually enjoys the airport and its nuances. However, there were times when I was heading places for less than desirable reasons. That’s all trivial and I try not to focus on those. Anyways, there’s just something magical about walking down the jetway into he plane and its like you’re going through some sort of portal. When you pass back through the fuselage door and up the jetway you’ve been transported to another location. If you don’t see the excitement in that, well, I don’t know what to tell you. 

At the same time, traveling can be bittersweet. For a long time, I dreamed of being able to travel frequently for work. The last couple years I’ve finally been able to do just that. It’s still exciting to me, but you know, its still work. Not to mention that now that I’m getting older and getting married soon its becoming more difficult to be away from home. My fiancee, Jackie, and I both travel for work intermittently. Luckily it’s just that, intermittent. I tell her all the time how great it is that we spend our weekends together and we work to ensure that we sit down at the dinner table and eat together on the weekdays as much as possible. To us, its important and contributes to a healthy relationship. If you can’t do these simple things then the more complex pieces of a relationship are going to be just that harder.

It helps that we set time aside for one another and make each other a priority. Take it from me, it makes a difference and we both notice. It’s much better and enjoyable when you can do things together and truly appreciate each other. I know there are people that use business travel (or any travel, hobbies for that matter) to escape their daily lives and their significant others. That’s not us. Being apart, although it can make us appreciate one another even more, to me, is a downside to business travel. Fortunately, in this modern era we have technology that allows us to stay in touch in realtime via FaceTime, Skype, etc. Kudos, interweb! Speaking of which, we’re minutes from touchdown and its time to log off. Until I’m motivated to get behind the keyboard and update again…








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